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Romance Doesn’t Have To Be Elusive In The City of Love

libadmin November 29, 2018

Paris is a city full of the emblems of love. Of course, the notion of romantic love is a relatively recent social concept, springing up first in historical references only in the late 17th c. It is even thought that the origin of the English word “romance” springs from a French vernacular dialect.

To celebrate love & romance in the City of Love, one needn’t wait for Valentine’s Day. Any special occasion or any special moment enjoyed by lovers can be revered as a sort of private Valentine’s moment.  On this list, you will find just ten (of the dozens and dozens of possibilities here in Paris) recommendations of how to pay homage to this most noble of human emotions – love. 

So, even though each year Valentine’s Day is the holiday that focuses all of us romantics on the romantic nature of love, for lucky Parisians, romance is just a state of mind, such as the one that encompasses you while enjoying an afternoon of caviar and champagne at Maison Prunier near the Madeleine. And this is a sate of mind that, with some discipline, you can embody every day of the year.

The Eiffel Tower of course beckons seductively to all who visit Paris. So to give your visit that extra shot of romantic, start at the Trocadero which affords a wonderful view onto the Eiffel Tower in the near distance.  And for those looking to pay tribute to Love itself, there is Le Mur des Je T’Aime a whole, wall dedicated to declarations of love.

Spending time relaxing together, just the two of you, is another way to celebrate love. In Paris there are countless ways in which to paint the town a Valentine red, but one of the most intimately romantic is to spend time together at a spa, relaxing in the steam room, enjoying a glass of champagne in the hot tub and finishing with a massage. The ultimate discreet Parisian spa is Sensation Spa in the 7th arrondissement and another one specialized in couple’s relaxation is Themae, who also have bespoke treatments for when you’re expecting. Then spend an evening at Le Grand Rex, Europe’s biggest movie theater found here, in Paris. Located in the Grands Boulevards area, this gorgeous, historic movie theater is surrounded by trendy bars and eateries for before or after. 

Wine tastings offer a wonderful romantic distraction, allowing you to discover some favorite wines together. Perfect Pairings food+wine is an ideal way to deepen your knowledge of French wines and to learn how to easily order that perfect glass or bottle with your next bistro meal. 

Speaking of shared adventures, Mysteries Hunt is a fanciful and romantic way to delve into the history of Paris legend and lore. Stage actors, dressed in costume, will literally walk you through this live-action game where the ancient cobbled streets of Paris become your game board. 

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