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Good News: Two Hour Lunches Are Still Tres Parisian

libadmin September 27, 2018

Paris is full of all the businessmen and women who lunch. This is a serious group who dine out at least five days a week and at the best restaurants, notably in the 1st, 2nd, 8th, 7th and 6th arrondissements. In fact of the restaurants here, Ralph’s is highlighted for its inviting courtyard terrace dining which makes you feel like you’re in some French countryside version of Ralph Lauren’s RRL Ranch in Colorado and not nestled in Saint-Germain des Pres, the choicest part of Paris’ city center.

Then there is the notion of Ladies Who Lunch which takes on a whole different dimension here in Paris. In chic neighborhoods there are any number of fashionable women, of a certain age, who dine out for lunch as much to display their impeccably coiffed hair and their perfect manicures as to enjoy a meal outside their high-ceilinged Haussmanian building apartments. You will find many of them at Le Recamier, a well-guarded Parisian secret.

That’s not to say, however, that fashionable bistros and little lunch eateries haven’t popped up all over. Indeed, a few, like Graine and Shaka Poke are currently all the rage for healthy, quick meals. But one of the nice things, if not the nicest thing, about being on vacation is that you can linger over a delicious lunch. And what better than to linger over lunch? Here on this list you will find lovely restaurants, such as Baltard au Louvre, Restaurant Lumen, Uma Nota and Grand Bistro de Breteuil where the food and the setting vie with each other for what is most alluring about the restaurant. 

Le Recamier

This is a restaurant that Parisians have long tried desperately to keep to themselves. It is nestled in a quiet, pedestrian only courtyard in the chicest part of Saint-Germain des Pres. When shopping at Le Bon Marche is the day’s doings, a lunch…  Read More

Uma Nota

Inspired by the Japanese quarter of Sao Paulo called Liberdade, this restaurant concept has just taken flight here in Paris. It is the brain chlld of a brother and sister team, both French, who tasted their way through the street food botecos of…  Read More

Baltard au Louvre

Photo courtesy of Baltard au Louvre

It’s stunning that there could even be a restaurant on this storied site. Equidistant between Les Halles and Le Louvre Museum, you are perfectly positioned here to transition from shopping to museum visiting when lunching at this restaurant. The…  Read More

Terrass' Restaurant And Bar

Photo courtesy of Terrass’ Restaurant and Bar

This is one of the few rooftop restaurants in Montmartre. And perhaps the only one that has a view of the Eiffel Tower. It’s open for lunch on weekdays. You have just to enter the lobby, walk past the cheeky t-shirt display that says you are…  Read More

Shaka Poke

It’s arrived and with a big wave of Allooohhhaaa! The poke bowl craze has hit Parisian shores, if only on the banks of the Seine. This past year has seen rice bowl shops open up and many are good, but this one is super strategic for its location…  Read More

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With a recent menu makeover by celebrity chef Yoni Saada, this couscous restaurant infuses traditional cuisine with innovative state-of-the-art presentation. Think salad bar but with couscous offerings. Couscous is, of course, the traditional…  Read More

Grand Bistro de Breteuil

This Grand Bistro is what happens when two stars collide. On the one hand, you have the impressive pedigree of the Doerr family empire of grand Parisian restaurants and bistros, and now you have the all-new menu redone by the Purcel Brothers,…  Read More

Restaurant Lumen

It’s not so easy to find a truly unique restaurant in Paris, but this one fits that bill beautifully. Here you have a Japanese chef, trained in Italian cuisine, serving up his dishes in the heart of Paris, in an elegant restaurant just next to…  Read More

Les Tablettes de Jean-Louis Nomicos

Photo courtesy of Les Tablettes Jean-Louis Nomicos copyright

Hands down one of the most cheerful gastronomic restaurants in Paris, here Chef Nomicos highlights his Mediterranean origins. Nomicos took over this 16th arrondissement landmark over seven years ago now, to the enduring delight of the…  Read More

Ralph's Paris

Cocooned in a verdant green courtyard inside this 17th century private mansion in the heart of Saint-Germain des Pres, the only haute-cuisine American fare restaurant in Paris offers comfort food cooked to perfection. The restaurant, of course,…  Read More